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If you hate your job, leave.

The Buddha once said “If you hate your job, leave. If you hate your hate, leave that too”. I couldn’t help but think about the sentiment of this quote when I read this. In it the author seems to suggest that if you work in advertising, like I do, you are never going to be happy; that you will always be grumpy. I don’t agree. I believe that grumpiness [or any other emotion we experience] is a choice we make depending on how we interpret what is going on around us and inside of us. I know it might not feel like a

Come on, Vogue!

So, by now you may be wondering as you and I know to be true, what exactly is this going to be about? Well NLP of course. For some time this blogger has been taking inspiration from music, film and tv to explain the fundamentals of NLP to a novice audience. This blog today is the start of a trickle feed of some of these gems. I obviously assert the rights of Madonna to be credited for the lyrics, and their performance, and I’m sure she’d be thrilled with the positive intent in both her music and in this interpretation.

The law of attraction…

How many of you feel I wonder the warmth, and sense of connectedness when for the first time or for the umpteenth time you hear the sound of someone’s voice or see them in your mind and precisely at that time….there they are? A friend responded to my email with….”that’s the law of attraction, I was thinking to myself, ‘I must call and talk about…” We had a lovely volley of emails, and we are meeting up soon. Funny right? How many times have you called for the phone to not even ring before you hear a ‘hello’ from the

Getting out what you put in (or…how Prof Brian Cox helped me learn)

A few weeks ago, I went on a short course to explore TFT, or ‘Thought Field Therapy’. I was spellbound by a practitioner at the NLP Conference in November last year, and along with most of the audience it seemed, I wanted to know more. Invented by American Psychologist Roger Callahan, the principle is based around the diagnosis of an imbalanced energy field around our body, that can be rebalanced through the ‘tapping’ of a coded sequence onto key parts of the body. As I struggled with what was being taught my mind began to look for something that would

Everything takes longer than I we you think

So it is about this time of every year when those new year resolutions get heavy to carry, harder to make happen. We know don’t we as conversation turns to ‘how’s it going?’, or perhaps a bigger sign of what is around the corner ‘when’s your next holiday?’ It is now, in grumpy grey and cold February, no longer Xmas and not quite Easter when we can start to feel we have failed, that we have let ourselves down. Woah! Back up. Who needs language like that? NLP teaches us that there is “no failure only feedback”. So in this

So what’s new, you?

So here we are, survivors. Of both the Mayan Apocalypse (or Mayan’s running out of paper) and of the Christmas and New Year party season. Babies have been born, families have bid goodbye to loved ones, and this writer has been touched by the ‘universal law of nutrition’ – that is; ‘a little of what you fancy does you good, and a lot makes you fat’ New Year, semantically packed with our own and others meaning, often leads us to consider making changes in our life. Promises or resolutions for improvements. How many of these are familiar; giving up smoking,

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Christmas – what does it mean to you? For many it’s like rediscovering a greatest hits album – and replaying all our favourite tracks. In NLP we talk about how some words are ‘semantically packed’ -literally filled with layers of meaning, that meaning comes from experience filtered and stored and replayed over many times. Christmas is one of those words and can in itself trigger happiness, excitement, anticipation, longing, sadness…Like the Greatest hits that tumble from the radio and wrap themselves around us in every store, Christmas takes hold of each of us in our own personal way. But if

Family, families, and the family of friends you choose

Family. What does that word mean to you? The free dictionary states; 1- ‘a fundamental social group in society typically consisting of one or two parents and their children’, or ‘two or more people who share goals and values, have long-term commitments to one another, and reside usually in the same dwelling place’ and 3 -‘a group of persons sharing common ancestry’. Could it also mean community, neighbours, brethren? So it would seem whatever that word means to you, family can touch our lives in one or more ways (as the dictionary would have it) So it got us thinking

Journeys that get you nowhere

A while ago I was chatting with a good friend about states of mind, ways of thinking and patterns of unuseful behaviour…yes, really, I do chat about this sort of stuff in my spare time too! I am a self-confessed anorak when it comes to NLP, and I am pretty fortunate that I keep the company of peoplewho are either equally interested, or very tolerant! Anyway, we came up with this concept of ‘Journeys That Get You Nowhere’, and borrowing some thinking from the world of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, and adapting some work from Dr Nicola Ridgeway, here are some