So here we are, survivors. Of both the Mayan Apocalypse (or Mayan’s running out of paper) and of the Christmas and New Year party season. Babies have been born, families have bid goodbye to loved ones, and this writer has been touched by the ‘universal law of nutrition’ – that is; ‘a little of what you fancy does you good, and a lot makes you fat’

New Year, semantically packed with our own and others meaning, often leads us to consider making changes in our life. Promises or resolutions for improvements. How many of these are familiar; giving up smoking, dieting, sorting out the finances, getting that dream job. Often these resolutions are poorly formed goals, decided upon in better easier times, or as a response to extremes. Words like must, should, and try – all secret unconscious signals to ourselves that this will be hard and we might not make it.

Well while giving up smoking is always good for anyone, it is the hardest thing to do if ‘I am a smoker’ is their identity, it is their map or way of seeing their world – because of course, take our identity away and what are we? Giving up on this resolution is one thing – giving up on yourself however, that is a different sign altogether.

So if we just learned identity is so important, what else do we require to form better goals, achievable, believable goals? Why not try stating them in the present tense “I have my dream job and I am happy” – then ask yourself ‘what would have to be true for that to be true’?
This could become your to do list. By when do you want this – establish a timeline you can stick to.
Then ask yourself ‘what is my first step, my last step and who is there that can help me?’ ‘Would everyone want me to have what I have got?’
Then spend some time in that future place feeling what you will feel, hearing what you will hear and seeing what you will see. Nice right? You are closer to having it than you were before – already.

Anything is possible.

Make 2013 the year you think a little more, about who you are and want to be, come back to us with the questions you want answering, the changes you are choosing to make. Make this the year that you “put your own mask on first, before helping others” and challenge yourself to make your fast and permanent change with NLP and Learning Behaviour and Change.

Got a comment on any of the above, post it here. Happy New You