So, by now you may be wondering as you and I know to be true, what exactly is this going to be about? Well NLP of course.

For some time this blogger has been taking inspiration from music, film and tv to explain the fundamentals of NLP to a novice audience. This blog today is the start of a trickle feed of some of these gems.

I obviously assert the rights of Madonna to be credited for the lyrics, and their performance, and I’m sure she’d be thrilled with the positive intent in both her music and in this interpretation.

“Strike a pose”
The physiology of excellence – as the mind and body are the same system, this upright and alert posture truly opens you up to be at cause and own your moment.

“You long to be, something better than you are today”
Well LBC’s practitioner course in the Autumn can help you with that, and so can you, there are so many choices in front of you even at this moment.

“You know you can do it”

“All you need, is your own imagination”
So many of the functional interventions and dialogues in NLP start with ‘make a picture’ – “so use it that’s what it’s for”, because you know don’t you, “your dreams will open the door”.

“Soul is in the musical”
Hear it could be possible couldn’t it, that our vogueing protagonist is speaking to those with an auditory preference, having engaged the kinaesthetic preferences of those already dancing – I’ll bet Madge does a magical presentation – wouldn’t you love that too?

Dietrich & DiMaggio – just two of the names that are read out to remind us it seems to me, possible in the world and possible for me is only a matter of how.

“Don’t just stand let’s get to it” – of course we can all theorise, we can all talk, make excuses, look outside of ourselves for why things never change. Or we could be that change, take action, be at cause and power the engine of change in our lives.

Yes, that’s what that means.

Enjoy the song just that little bit more next time, and in the meantime, I’ll be listening for more NLP tracks to share next time.

Got a track that inspires you? Tell us about it!……

Image credit: WikiMedia