Innovate Differently

“The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails.”

John Maxwell

Innovation is the business survival skill of our times. We help individuals and businesses alike discover and develop their natural innovation potential.

We believe that great organisations are driven by the triple bottom line of ‘Planet, People and Profit’ all centred around a just cause.  Innovation is so much more than just having a great idea; we define it as the ability to create value from ideas that are new to us.  And value is key, it can be financial, social, environmental, and personal in nature.

We use the Six ‘I’s® of Innovation framework because it is accessible, agile, human-centric and purpose driven. It dispels the myth that innovation is something done by just the creative amongst us and proves that we can all have a part to play in the innovation process.

Innovate Differently
The Six ‘I’s® of Innovation model is unique in many ways, and it provides a clear structure to the six key phases of successful innovation:
  • Identify

    opportunities by understanding trends and customer needs.

  • Ignite

    ideas by creating novel solutions.

  • Investigate

    by developing propositions, prototyping, and testing.

  • Invest

    by creating business models and plans for investment.

  • Implement

    by bringing an idea to life and creating value.

  • Improve

    by optimising an idea into another area of opportunity.

Innovate Differently

How is it human-centric? Well, each of the phases has its own unique mindset, a divergence from the belief that creativity is all that is needed. It is backed by a robust profiling tool that allows organisations to discover individual and team collective strengths; these enable targeted interventions and strategies to leverage or provide support where required.

Which “I” do you think you lead with?  Here’s a couple of ways to find out …

  • Flight, Fight or Innovate Course - Each team member will get an individual Six ‘I’s® profile with the option for a debrief. There is also a team report to reveal strengths and challenges the team faces in innovating.
  • Taster Session - These are open half day courses designed to introduce the model and each attendee will get an individual profile report.
  • Profiler and debrief - Take the profiler with a follow-up debrief - find out where your natural fit with the model is, and understand the benefits and challenges of your own innovation style.

“Don't take our word for it”