So it is about this time of every year when those new year resolutions get heavy to carry, harder to make happen. We know don’t we as conversation turns to ‘how’s it going?’, or perhaps a bigger sign of what is around the corner ‘when’s your next holiday?’
It is now, in grumpy grey and cold February, no longer Xmas and not quite Easter when we can start to feel we have failed, that we have let ourselves down.

Woah! Back up. Who needs language like that?

NLP teaches us that there is “no failure only feedback”. So in this case then, what is the feedback you are giving you?
Take a look inside and dial down that internal critical voice, and now really listen, what are you telling you?

Maybe just maybe I wonder as we all know if what has happened is that what we ‘wanted’ to have happen couldn’t in the time we had, or even at all. Taking my own experience I’m pleased with what I have achieved so far this year but my choices were ‘poorly formed goals’ and it has taken me some time to realise that I set myself up for feedback.

It is said that “feedback is the breakfast of champions”, so if the Olympics were anything to go by we should all listen to ourselves.

So stand up, give yourself an all over shake, then sit back down and reboot your goals for this year. If you are ready to talk about NLP then check in on the LBC website, and if not then these will work;
1. Plan your first step and your last – really see yourself in both places, hearing it, feeling it
2. Find a role model or a buddy – walk in someone’s footsteps
3. Make sure it passes the granny test – would she understand, and would she be proud?
4. Do yourself a favour and give yourself time, not just a deadline but also the minutes, hours and days you’ll need to invest along the way

Well formed goals always take the right time and they always deliver. Be successful.

Why don’t you tell us, what is your new well formed goal?