Month: March 2021

Commitment to your decision, yet flexible in your approach

Can I do commitment?  Sure, I can.  During lockdown, with gyms closed, I decided to do  ‘Couch to 5K’, the running app. I loved it, I was really exhilarated by the continuing challenge and I completed the nine-week course by running three lots of 5K.  I feel so much fitter for having done it – this is the value I gained by committing to the app.  I run an internal strategy for pretty much most things that I do.  I call it ‘the reward before the work’ strategy. Take my run for example, it is a ‘there-and-back circuit’. As I

Courage: You can always do more than you think

Had Columbus feared losing sight of the shore, he would never have encountered the Americas.  Indeed he would never have had the courage to set sail. Now for some illustrative poetic licence. Constantinople – “The city has fallen; we are overrun by an army which pays no heed to world order.” Genoa, not long after – “The trade of the Silk Road is under threat; commerce that was hitherto lucrative is now thrown into uncertainty and disarray. We must adapt if we are to survive this level of cross-border disruption.  The sea route around Africa whilst long and expensive remains