Month: September 2014

If you hate your job, leave.

The Buddha once said “If you hate your job, leave. If you hate your hate, leave that too”. I couldn’t help but think about the sentiment of this quote when I read this. In it the author seems to suggest that if you work in advertising, like I do, you are never going to be happy; that you will always be grumpy. I don’t agree. I believe that grumpiness [or any other emotion we experience] is a choice we make depending on how we interpret what is going on around us and inside of us. I know it might not feel like a


I’ve just experienced one of the nicest, most fulfilling weekends in sometime. I wonder why. Was it the sunshine? Was it sleeping in without an alarm? Was it drinking Albarino by the glass. Was it the craft fayre and the purchase of some gorgeous trinkets for gorgeous people? Yes. But probably, no. I reckon it has much more to do with the absence of expectation. I entered this weekend with an open mind. Without a plan. My only desire was to experience. To be. To enjoy. To take it as it came. And I did. And as a result I’ve just