The law of attraction…

How many of you feel I wonder the warmth, and sense of connectedness when for the first time or for the umpteenth time you hear the sound of someone’s voice or see them in your mind and precisely at that time….there they are?

A friend responded to my email with….”that’s the law of attraction, I was thinking to myself, ‘I must call and talk about…” We had a lovely volley of emails, and we are meeting up soon. Funny right?

How many times have you called for the phone to not even ring before you hear a ‘hello’ from the other end, and they too say ‘I was just going to call you’?

This is energetic projection, as our mind and body are the same system, and as we as energetic systems can project our thoughts, desires and wishes out into the world to have them happen, so too can we reach out to others. With NLP we can send that good luck wish, that consoling hug, or the reassurance that even far away things are good.

Similarly thinking ill of others, with a festering lack of forgiveness can breed trouble between your hearts, that let’s be honest here, shouldn’t ever.

So reach out with your mind and body same system and touch someone, use the law of attraction to your own advantage today.

Tell us about your experiences of the ‘law of attraction”….

Getting out what you put in (or…how Prof Brian Cox helped me learn)

A few weeks ago, I went on a short course to explore TFT, or ‘Thought Field Therapy’. I was spellbound by a practitioner at the NLP Conference in November last year, and along with most of the audience it seemed, I wanted to know more.

Invented by American Psychologist Roger Callahan, the principle is based around the diagnosis of an imbalanced energy field around our body, that can be rebalanced through the ‘tapping’ of a coded sequence onto key parts of the body.
As I struggled with what was being taught my mind began to look for something that would satisfy my need for sameness…

TFT is a no needles acupuncture, or ‘contact Reiki’, or as I began to see it ‘pump priming’. Why see it that way? Professor Brian Cox explained in his ‘Wonders of Life’ programme that energy is neither created nor destroyed but is instead passed from object to state to environment and back again continuously.

Aaaaah, now I begin to feel better, I begin to see that this is like my familiar NLP, where mind and body are the same system, where energy and the movement of it can be so significant we feel separated from ourselves when we fly long haul (and why we call home to say “I’ve landed safely”)
I’m a fan of William Gibson and in his book ‘Pattern Recognition’ the lead character Cayce Pollard describes her jet lag as waiting for a piece of her soul to catch up with her.

The what and how satisfied I turn my attention and yours back to TFT. This therapy is content free and when correctly applied has a similar effect to the swish and anchoring techniques of NLP. It can edit fear, invert a phobia, install calm. So as I know you are curious will I tell you what I think?
I think that we must all find our own way, of learning, of feeling and in the world we live. Do I believe my new qualification in TFT and the science itself? Well it was my NLP qualification that helped me be open to the concept, I’d start there.

LBC still has places for the NLP Practitioners course, why not get in touch?