I came into 2020 with an undeniable feeling of optimism. I was certain it was going to be a good year. I was sure because it was there in black and white in my diary. Stimulating and worthwhile work for fantastic clients around the world. Training and coaching sessions scheduled right through to November. We all know what happened next, an unwelcome and uninvited microscopic invader come to town. Damn! The certainty on which my optimism was based disappeared overnight, and for a while, it felt like an unmanageable loss.

But what had I actually lost? Nothing in life is guaranteed after all. Any number of events could have happened to get in the way of my plans for the year. To be fair, they probably would have done and I’d just deal with them like I know I’m capable of doing. Being certain about tomorrow is an illusion created by us to help us all feel better, to plan, to feel secure, to breathe. It’s a very helpful illusion yet an illusion all the same.

Certainty of needing my brolly?

So I lost the illusion of certainty, something that didn’t really exist apart from in my head. Could I create something in place of it? Something to restore my balance, and my optimism? You bet I could, and what’s more, I did.

certainty of the weather

Over the last week I have created the illusion of trust. Trust in myself, my clients, my knowledge and experience, my flexibility, and my resilience. I’m even beginning to trust the British weather, and I don’t get to do that very often. It may be an illusion, but since everything created by our minds is, then I’m choosing a really helpful one and I feel better already. whatever the weather, British or otherwise, the sun always comes up in the morning – I trust that.