the sun

A physicist will tell you that it comes from the sun, a biologist will tell you from the food you eat. How would you answer that question?
In NLP we might look at the first 2 answers in the form of ‘chunk size’ (something our new students of NLP will experience from the 18th September when our Practitioner course begins) the physicist has a higher chunk size view – yet they are both right and their answers are connected.
Perhaps if I asked you “where does your energy go?” you would find that an easier question to answer. On challenges at work, mind freezing homework with the kids, charity work in your community? Or something else?
Wherever you get your energy and wherever it goes, make this week the week you start to be more certain that you can have flow in both directions. So our gift to you is this; find a quiet space where you can’t be disturbed. Sit comfortably in whatever way suits you and close your eyes. For the count of 3 in, a pause, and then a count of 3 out just be aware of 10 breaths. Allow yourself a moment and then open your eyes, more ready for the rest of your day. Enjoy.