In conversation with one of the founders of a charity I am working with, he turned to me and said “I used to think I was good with change, now I realise I’m not necessarily”

This got me thinking about our appetite for change, the types of change we have in our lives and if I would comment in the same way.

How do you see change? Is it something you dread, run from, choose to ignore? Maybe look forward to, perhaps you initiate it?
Do you think of your home town, and what is different? Perhaps we are all drawn to think of a beautiful butterfly emerging from a chrysalis – we have metaphors for change.

What is change? It is defined as “to make or become different” and we all know it can be evolutionary with periodic incremental differences rather like that of our planet over time, or it can be abrupt, revolutionary, seismic in how if feels, sounds and appears to us.

Singer song writers are inspired enough by change to write about it; David Bowie, Cheryl Crow, The Sugababes and Taylor Swift to name but a few. Why would this be?

Organisational change is a great example of perhaps change that is needed, there is recognition that it will be disruptive and often there is someone responsible for managing it to completion. All of the organisations LBC has worked with have gone through this process a number of times. What have we learned through observation? That well managed change can be positive and in most cases essential to organisational success.
Personal change is with us throughout our lives, in our bodies our family relationships, our brains as we learn at school and our emotions as we develop new relationships – we are in this together so perhaps this is why we are all expected to ‘get on with it’ and manage perfectly well. Then of course there’s the big stuff, and sometimes there is no one else in our lives to look to for guidance on that. A feeling we are all familiar with.

We have a group of future Practitioner’s of NLP starting with us on the 18th September for our Autumn course. Those of you who have graduated know what profound and glorious change will come from their exploration of themselves and how they construct their reality – what they typically learn from change and of course how they respond in the future. We are excited for them.

So whatever change means to you, it invites you to move from the current status quo, experience a process and establish a new order of things, a new start point to move from.

This is what we aimed to achieve with the LBC website, we wanted something familiar that our frequent visitors would recognise, and of course something updated so that we might keep up with a fast moving pack. Most of all we wanted something that would maintain a pace of evolution such that there was a reason to return time and again. So welcome to our new website, we hope that you like it (and yes, of course it will change)