What is NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)?

The name Neuro-Linguistic Programming comes from:

Neuro – our mind, how we use it to think

Linguistic – how we use spoken language and non-verbal communication to re-present our experiences

Programming – the sequence of actions and the mental patterns we run that create our behaviours

NLP is the study of the structure of our subjective experiences. It enables us to determine how and why we do what we do; and who we are, so that we can choose to do better and be a better version of ourselves.

It is an applied psychology, which enables us to understand how our minds work, use more of the useful things it does and help us change some of the un-useful thinking and behaviours that can get in our way.

We can spend less time worrying about the future, regretting the past and replaying scenarios in our heads; and learn how to relax and carry less baggage.  We can understand how we tick and how others tick too, allowing us to develop life-enriching relationships that are honest and fulfilling.

If you are at a crossroads, a gate, a wall and there is fog and confusion as to what might be on the other side, imagine what would the future be like with greater clarity and greater purpose when what is in your way or holding you back is held up, examined and removed?


We at LBC want to say thanks to those we are proud to have studied with, attended training by, listened to, and read about…

Judith DeLozier who was there at the beginning of NLP and has a depth of knowledge that is legendary.

Robert Dilts who co-wrote ‘Encyclopaedia of NLP’ with Judith DeLozier, which helped us find answers late into our study nights.

– and also helped us understand Gregory Bateson with his explanation of ‘Neurological levels of change’.

Shelle Rose Charvet, who had us in stitches, and showed us how to influence.

Joseph O’Connor for writing a textbook that really does help people to understand and practice the principles of NLP.

Dr Tad James and David Shepherd who gave us ‘Presenting Magically’, so we can.

Dr Susi Strang-Wood and Craig Wood, our trainers and mentors.

– and Karen Meager and John McLachlan who brought Neil into the world of training NLP.

Dr Wyatt Woodsmall, who flew over from the States to listen to us present, say ‘You’ve passed’ and tell us stories we couldn’t possibly repeat!

Connirae Andreas who helped us come to wholeness