NLP Practitioner Training


NLP is an applied psychology which enables you to understand how your mind works, use more of the useful things it does and help you tweak some of the un-useful thinking and behaviour that gets in your way;

– spend less time worrying about the future, regretting the past and replaying scenarios in your head;

– understand how you and others tick, develop relationships that enrich your life and that are honest and fulfilling;

– and learn how to relax and carry less baggage.

If you are at a crossroads, a gate, a wall and there is fog and confusion as to what might be on the other side, imagine what would the future be like with greater clarity and purpose when what was in your way or held you back is removed?

What our ANLP recognised course covers

Our personal approach will;

Give you the history, definitions and origins of NLP. All the background you will need to be certain of what makes it work.

Give you an understanding of the strategies and patterns of behaviour you use to do what you do, so that you can choose ever more effective ways.

Help you to recognise the significance of your language and how its artful use can deliver success and connection with others, learning all about the Milton Model, Meta Model, Metaphor, Reframing and the Hierarchy of Ideas.

Guide you to change the way you think in order to create a better life for yourself, using how you organise your experiences, known as submodalities.

Demonstrate anchoring to increase your own personal resources and those of others at will, always confident just when you need it.

Explore timecode interventions to align your past experiences with your desired goals, nothing standing in your way, nothing holding you back.

How we do it

Our 9-day programme is recognised by ANLP  and is run across 3 modules of 3 days each over a period of 3 months. We have found that this enables our Practitioners to truly integrate their learnings and to manage time away from work, family and friends.

You begin with self guided learning before the programme begins, using materials we send to you. We provide coaching and knowledge sharing throughout and combine group seminars with practical sessions to ensure you enjoy yourself whilst having a forever experience that will give you confidence to use your skills after completion.


Where we do it

We will be holding the Autumn 2019 training in the Old Deer Park, 187 Kew Road, Richmond, Surrey, TW92AZ. For further details go to


We offer you a truly personal development experience, by the end of your training you will have taken the time to change your behaviours and perceptions towards an even more positive future, with increased self-awareness and renewed self-esteem.

Your investment – in your best version of you

Your investment of £1900 (+VAT) includes study materials, unlimited pre and post course coaching from the trainers and all lunches and refreshments whilst on the programme. Ask us about flexible payment options and Earlybird payment discount.

The Autumn 2019 dates for the 9 day training are

September 13th, 14th & 15th, October 4th, 5th & 6th, November 8th, 9th & 10th

Contact us now

We want to make sure that you get the most out of your training with us, so access to our Practitioner course is based upon a telephone or face-to-face conversation, use the details below to reach us.