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A top-class development experience

Training to become a Practitioner or Master Practitioner with Learning, Behaviour & Change is an easy decision. It will unleash your personal potential enabling you to become the best version of you.

We have been trained by some of the leading figures in NLP and with our values of; Quality, Courage and Care right at the heart of everything we do, you are assured of a top-class development experience, rivalled by few.

Our credentials & training approach

As we are INLPTA certified and ANLP recognised trainers of NLP, your training is professionally recognised, meaning that your success is absolutely guaranteed.

We only ever run small groups for our training. With no more than eight people per group you are assured of plenty of personal support, coaching and contact from the trainers throughout your journey with us.

On our NLP training programmes you will…

  • benefit from qualified and experienced trainers
  • be supported in a small group, rather than lost in a large one
  • achieve certification as a Practitioner or Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming

Who should attend?

  • Someone with something as yet unidentifiable that gets in the way of an otherwise great performance?
  • Someone who begins tasks only to seemingly self-sabotage as the end game nears?
  • Someone who has issues relating to their confidence – either in self or in front of others
  • Someone who would benefit from some self-awareness discovery
  • Someone who wants to work on their relationships with others
  • It works at identity level that delivers transformational behaviours as a result of delivering self-awarenes
  • This is a personal growth programme though which a more confident and self-aware person will emerge that can help rebalance priorities

What will you learn?

  • How to take personal responsibility for all your actions
  • How to project confidence
  • How to recognise and use personal resources & behavioural flexibility
  • How to set positive outcomes by re-languaging
  • How to build rapport with yourself and with others
  • Be able to answer “How am I presenting myself, how am I showing-up?”
  • Improving how you do what you do by examining personal strategies
  • How the language you use shapes your world and can deliver better communication in business
  • Resolving personal conflicts
  • Resolving limiting beliefs you have about yourself

Find out more about our NLP training programmes

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NLP Master Practitioner

We are developing a NLP Diploma course – so check back as we will update the site with our progress.