Neuro-Linguistic Psychotherapy

Why would I do it? What is it for?

plastic figure standing in front of a hole in a puzzleHave you ever wondered how would it feel to have created a long-term successful change in your life?  Have you been so busy making a living that you’ve forgotten how to make a life?

NLP Psychotherapy will dig deep to uncover any unhelpful ways of thinking you currently have and replace them with some of what you want instead, ultimately leading to more choices in life.  Psychotherapy works at the deep level of the unconscious mind where we help you make these changes to your thinking, your feelings and your behaviours. Essentially, it is a vehicle to become a better version of yourself in all contexts of your life.

Here are just some of the ways we can help by guiding you through this process of self-discovery:

  • To overcome a specific problem or issue like kicking a habit, building self-confidence and self-esteem or resolving issues in the now that result from experiences in the past
  • To resolve conflicts in your primary relationship, with your job or career or even in the way you relate with your family
  • To rejuvenate or kick start your life by supporting you to break through barriers, conflicts or issues when life just doesn’t seem to be working in quite the way you would like
  • To understand and define – understand where you are, and define where it is that you want to be and assist you in finding out the path between the two.

So how do I go about this, what’s the process?

We will hold an initial session with you where we discuss what is bugging you; what you want instead; and what your desired goals and outcomes are. At this stage we can estimate how long our journey together might take; and because no two people are the same it could be up to ten sessions depending on the nature of the issue and the best way of working together to resolve it.   As all learnings, behaviours and changes take place in the unconscious mind, we space the sessions as appropriate to allow for reflections and noticings as the changes you make embed and you begin to experience a new outlook with increased choices. Our values of quality, courage and care are supplemented by confidentiality and notes taken are dealt with in compliance with current data protection legislation.

What is my investment?

The first session is free. We get to know each other and work out if it would be beneficial to work together.

Psychotherapy at our London practice is £100 per 60 minute session. Psychotherapy at our Sheffield practice is £60 per hour.

Nobody ever need wait a single moment before they start to improve their bit of the world, so get in touch via the contacts below and take this step towards a brighter, better future.