Business Psychology & Career Coaching

Business Psychology

Having a Business Psychologist on our team ensures you are in safe hands. Working with individuals and teams, in both training and consultancy assignments, excellent performance is what we’ll help you to achieve.

In organisational life, performing at your best can be inspirational to those around you. So here’s the good news…

Firstly, Learning, Behaviour & Change runs facilitated workshops that give you the chance for your Leaders to ask themselves:

  • Is the business ready for my vision?
  • Have I got the right people to do what’s needed?
  • Can I get everyone to focus on what’s best for the business, rather than departments?
  • Can I engage teams in constructive conflict to get true commitment?

Secondly, we’ll develop your High Potential colleagues to ‘Be the Best’, using techniques modelled from the world of sporting excellence. By participating, they’ll learn how to:

  • Stretch their mental limits
  • Maximise their personal effectiveness
  • Use barrier-breaking images to achieve performance breakthrough
  • Tap into inner beliefs to increase confidence
  • Overcome obstacles and stay focused on ‘the prize’

Our team also offers training in:

  • Firo B
  • MBTI
  • Belbin Team Roles
  • Emotions and Behaviours at Work
  • Transactional Analysis


Career Coaching

Career Coaching will help you to make rounded career-related decisions and to manage any of your career-related issues.

This is done by using a process which helps you to recognise and then utilise all the resources you have available to you and then to identify an effective way forward.

At Learning, Behaviour & Change we combine this tried, tested and very effective approach with specific NLP tools and techniques which provides an altogether more compelling and successful process.

Your Career Coaching session will broadly cover a 4 stage process:

  1. Raising awareness of self – particularly what you need from a job to feel motivated and satisfied
  2. Exploring ideas and opportunities available to you
  3. Making decisions and choices about what you want to do
  4. Making it happen

The number and length of sessions depends on your specific needs and this will be agreed at the introductory meeting. Your investment for a 90-minute 121 session is £60 (inc VAT) and can take place in a mutually convenient location anywhere in the UK.

If you are interested in gaining control of your own career development get in touch for a confidential discussion of your needs which is free of charge: